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Wunderlich windshield MARATHON – Carrier long (160mm) – clear

Wunderlich windshield MARATHON – Carrier long (160mm) – clear

Part Number: SKU:20230-104

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Fits Models:

F850 GS with long carrier

Note: This windshield is only suitable for models with the long windshield mount. The long windshield mount is the standard windshield mount for the F 850 GS with 160 mm spacing to the screw holes. If your F has a short windshield mount with 115 mm screw spacing (can be ordered when purchasing the F 850 GS), please order windshield 20230-204.

Sophisticated touring comfort for long, unencumbered tours. Wind protection and comfort are "state of the art" here. A screen that offers maximum wind protection and integrates perfectly into the overall vehicle layout in visual terms.

For models with a standard windshield (long holder from factory).

The facts:

  • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms.
  • Significantly higher and considerably widened over the whole area.
  • The vehicle design is consistently accommodated in every line and the screen thus integrates perfectly into the overall appearance.
  • Very robust, optically pure and petrol-resistant PMMA acrylic plastic.
  • Width: 350 mm
  • Height: 460 mm
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