Frequently Asked Questions

How is Wunderlich pronounced and what does it mean?

Voonder-lish. Our company bears the name of our founder and President, Erich Wunderlich.

Can you ship to my country?

We regularly ship our products all over the world. You may place an online order and select your country. If you do not see your country listed, please use contact us

Do you sell parts or accessories for any other brands besides BMW?

We only specialize in BMW motorcycle parts & accessories. Since our focus is only on BMW parts & accessories you can be assured of not only a perfect fit for your BMW motorcycle but also the renowned German quality you can expect to match your German engineered BMW. In addition, we also currently carry a wide range of general accessories, tools, hardware and maintenance products including LIQUI MOLY lubricants and additives, MAHLE filters, and many high quality workshop tools to help service your bike. You can find these under the 'Other Brands' and 'Other Products' links in the navigation.

Do you sell Original BMW parts?

No, we are limited to carrying only those items that are in the Wunderlich program. For other products, please contact one of our dealers.

Is Wunderlich the world's largest supplier of aftermarket BMW Parts and Accessories?

Very likely, we are unaware of another company that has more items or addresses more models for BMW Motorcycles.

What is the Warranty on Wunderlich Parts in Australia?

Most of our parts are covered by a one-year warranty. During this period, should a warranty issue arise, we will either repair or replace the defective item at our option. Our warranty does not apply to parts that have been modified or damaged by the user. The bottom line however is that your satisfaction is our number one goal, so should you have a problem after a year, please let us know and we may still be able to help you out.

Is your online shopping system secure?

Yes, our online shopping system on Shopify is highly secure. Shopify employs industry-standard security measures to protect your data and transactions, so you can shop with confidence

Where are you located?

140 Princes Highway, St Peters NSW 2044. If you are not familiar with the area contact us by email or phone for directions.

How do I contact you?

Please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Can you install parts for me?

We have a service shop at our facility that can install parts & accessories at an hourly rate. Most of our accessories are geared toward owner installation, so you may be able to do it yourself. You may want to review the instructions to see what is involved with installation. Most of our products have installation instructions available on the product page. Find the part for which you need instructions and then there will be a link on the right side if instructions are available. If you need information about installing a part for which there are no instructions, please use the contact form

The instructions are in German (*%!&#)

We are constantly updating our instructions as needed and adding newly translated English instructions. Unfortunately, there are still a few products for which English instructions do not exist. If you received a product with German instructions, please first check our website to see if English instructions are available. To do this, you will need to find the part on our website and the easiest way may be to search by part number. Once you have located the part, if instructions are available, there will be a link on the upper right side. If you do not find the instructions there, please email us and we'll help as quickly as possible.

I saw a part on the German website but I can't find it on yours. What's the deal with that?

Often, new parts are listed on the German website before they are actually available. With very few exceptions, we do not add new parts to our website until we receive the first shipment of a particular part. If you have any questions about the availability of an item that you can't find on our website, please use the contact form

Part numbers on the German Wunderlich website and/or German catalog are different.

Wunderlich changed all of the part numbers in late March 2013 commensurate with the rollout of their new website. Wunderlich America is still using the old part numbers currently and until the conversion process has been completed, if you can't find a product that you see in the German catalog or the German website, please use the contact form and we will assist you.