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Wunderlich universal key pouch - brown

Wunderlich universal key pouch - brown

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Universal key pouch made of plant/vegetable-based leather. High-quality, hand-made production - with bag-maker craftsmanship.

Note: Diameter of the locking pin: 3.9 mm. Also fit the foldable key assembly for the Airhead-Boxers.


  • High-quality for the key for (riding) luck
  • Secure, screwed key attachment
  • Simultaneously protects the key and the lining of the trouser pocket against damage
  • Encloses the key thanks to the incorporated popper
  • Leather with high-quality Wunderlich logo impression

Technical data

  • Cowhide, plant/vegetable tanned in brown
  • High-quality bag manufacture
  • Diameter of the locking pin for the key is 3.9 mm

Special features

  • Wunderlich. Functional design
  • Wunderlich. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Made in Europe
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