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Wunderlich oil cooler protection grille - silver

Wunderlich oil cooler protection grille - silver

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Fits Models:

Fits R18 | R18 B | R18 Classic | R18 Roctane | R18 Transcontinental

To ensure an oil cooler can deliver its desired cooling, it needs optimal air flowing through from the air flow as you ride.

The oil cooler sits directly behind the front wheel and therefore right in the path of whirled up dirt, stones and foreign bodies that hit the delicate fins of the oil cooler. Dirt and insects clog up the cooler and reduce the cooling capacity, such as fins bent by “stone chips”. In the worse case, foreign bodies with sharp edges can cause damage that lead to leaks. With a damaged cooler, it is no longer possible to continue riding and dirt reduces the cooling capacity. This is why we recommend our oil protection grille, which consists of a fine meshed, tough and resistant stainless steel grille, to avoid damage and capture heavy dirt before it affects the oil cooler. It reliably protects the oil cooler without impacting the air flow.

For assembly, the radiator grille is disassembled and the oil cooler protection grille is form-fit clamped over the oil cooler. Afterwards the radiator grille is reassembled.

The edge piping, which at the same time has a protective function, guarantees the oil cooler protection grille stays firmly in place.

The facts


  • Reliable protection of the vulnerable radiator network for the oil cooler
  • Prevents damage and heavy dirt from foreign bodies thrown up by the front wheel
  • Prevents the loss of cooling in the oil cooler without reducing the air flow
  • Highly solid, resistant welded stainless steel grille
  • The radiator cover is attached form-fit behind the oil cooler faring with the help of the edge piping

Technical Information

  • Grille material: Stainless steel grille with rubberised edge piping, carefully welded and crafted to be highly mechanically resistant
  • Component dimensions
    • Width 190 mm
    • Height 120 mm

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich product. Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
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