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Wunderlich MICROFLOOTER LED auxiliary headlight - silver

Wunderlich MICROFLOOTER LED auxiliary headlight - silver

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Fits Models:

Fits R1250 R

OurMICROFLOOTER LED auxiliary headlightsare extremelybrightwith low energy usage and are a significant plus for active and passivesafety. They sustainably increase the silhouette of your vehicle and provide a much wider field of view at night.

The facts:

  • 100% uniform illumination
  • Pure white light
  • Very long service life (approx. 100,000 hours = approx. 4,000 days of continuous light)
  • Sharp demarcation below and above = no blinding other traffic
  • Excellent spotlighting during fog, rain, etc. (not diffuse light)
  • No glare from your own lights
  • Very good additional lighting for main headlight
  • Extremely sturdy - waterproof in accordance with IP67
  • Ballast integrated (no additional installation required)
  • E-approval as a fog headlight (does not need to be entered)
  • Specially designed bracket set for each vehicle for perfect vehicle integration and low installation effort (no changes to vehicle necessary)
  • Complete with headlamp kit (right & left), lightweight bracket set and electrical fitting kit
  • Made in Germany
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