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Wunderlich Foot protectors CLEAR-PROTECT – smoked grey

Wunderlich Foot protectors CLEAR-PROTECT – smoked grey

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Fits Models:

Fits K1600 B | Grand America

A perfectlyexecuted extensionof thefairinginto thefootarea.

This is a problem known to afflict other top-of-the-range tourers. When bike developers work hard on the upper areas in order to achieve agood balancebetween design and wind protection, they always neglect to provide adequateprotectionfor the feet, so important for the rider.

It isnt just the expensive boots that suffer from prolonged contact with whipped-up surface water. Cold feet make it increasingly harder to control the bike safely onextended tours.

Thefoot protectionthat we have adapted, made of seethrough andscratch-proof acrylic, blends in perfectly with the contours of the existing fairing.Cold air streams risingup from the road in dry weather are also effectively reduced.

The facts:

  • Efficient protection from water and dirt.
  • Ride characteristics are not compromised.
  • Highly durable shatterproof and scratch-resistant acrylic.
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