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Wunderlich engine protection bar - Chrome

Wunderlich engine protection bar - Chrome

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Fits Models:

Fits R1250 RT

Does not fit with Fairing protector 44140-101

The engine guard not only reliably protects the cylinders and valve covers, but also the two lambda sensors.

The all-round protection concept increases passive safety and thus the joy of driving.

In the event of a fall or a fall-over, the forces acting are optimally distributed over the guard structure to the load-bearing pick-up points, so that force peaks are avoided.

The engine guard is made of 25-millimeter precision steel tube.

The pipe segments are formed on CNC tube bending machines and then welded clean.

Visually, the protective handle integrates into the design of the motorcycle and underlines its striking appearance.

Our protective bars focus on protective function and product design. Discreetly, the engine guard hangs in silver around the motorcycle. The steel surface is powder coated.

The Facts:


  • Even distribution of forces at 3 pick-up points per side of the vehicle
  • Perfect protection of cylinders, valve covers, both lambda sensors
  • Maximum protection combined with minimal weight
  • The hanger is exactly aligned with the manifold and the line of the boxer
  • No impairment of ground clearance
  • Also fits with original auxiliary headlamps
  • Plug-n-play-fit: uncomplicated installation including detailed installation instructions


  • Material: High quality steel with high tensile strength and elongation at break
  • Pipe diameter: 25 millimeters


  • No German Type approval required
  • Made in Germany


  • Micro floovers are optional (not included)
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