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Wunderlich cockpit glare protection – black

Wunderlich cockpit glare protection – black

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Fits Models:

Fits K1600 B | Grand America | K1600 GT 2017 on | K1600 GTL 2017 on | R1200 RT LC | R1250 RT

Wunderlich cockpit glare protection:

The fittings look very dreary in the original and hard to read in the sunlight because of reflections, and the housing can end up slightly bleached too.

This instrument surround effectively and consistently refines the entire cockpit and reduces glare on the instruments, also preventing bleaching and damage to the instrument housing and the glass.

The facts:

  • Better readability of the instruments in sunlight
  • Optical upgrading of the cockpit
  • Protects the cockpit from bleaching
  • Simple assembly - the glare protection is permanently attached with double-sided tape
  • Complete element for the whole cockpit
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