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Wunderlich centre stand protection plate - silver

Wunderlich centre stand protection plate - silver

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Fits Models:

Fits F850 GS | F850 GS Adv

The centre stand protection plate is the consistent and logical addition to the Wunderlich engine protection. The engine protection reliably protects the engine and oil tank, while the centre stand plate provides additional protection for the centre stand, the exhaust outlet and the swing arm mounting.

Combining the engine protection and centre stand protection plate results in the effect of all technical components between the front and rear wheels being reliably protected against mechanical influences such as bottoming out or stone impacts. Furthermore, should it bottom out, the bike can glide along the ground on a fully protected undercarriage until the rear wheel finds purchase again. The unpleasant and potentially dangerous levering of the machine by the hooking or wedging of branches when used off-road is also significantly reduced. This decisively increases passive safety.

The facts:


  • Maximum protection for centre stand, exhaust outlet and swing arm mounting
  • Increased passive safety
  • Snagging impossible over terrain
  • Avoids dangerous levering by wedged branches
  • High mechanical stability thanks to the form-fitting assembly on the centre stand and the use of 4 mm-thick aluminium
  • Reliable, easy to mount holder system

Technical info

  • Aluminium, high-strength, 4 mm, milled and edged, silver anodised
  • Width 331 mm
  • Height 187 mm


  • Integrated Wunderlich design
  • Made in Germany
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