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Wunderlich Center strut crash bar - red

Wunderlich Center strut crash bar - red

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Fits Models:

Fits R1200 GS LC | R1200 R LC | R1200 RS LC

This is a crashbar constructionwhich we have continuously improved within the last 20 yearsand which we have now also designed for the R LC, inclusive the essential design features. Considering the now more than 250,000 kilometers of experience with this construction, we have rightly and probably the most advanced Crash Bars series..

The facts:

  • Compound-strut between the two crash bar sides.
  • Minimal weight
  • Even distribution of forces.
  • Detailed and easy to understand instructions.
  • Made in Germany.
  • 60 days return policy (also for dealers)

Not compatible with crash bar Sport

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