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Wunderlich case rack - silver - right

Wunderlich case rack - silver - right

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Fits Models:

Fits F750 GS | F850 GS | F850 GS Adv | R1200 GS LC | R1200 GS LC Adv | R1250 GS | R1250 GS Adv | R1300 GS only with extreme cases set

Our case rack is the perfect addition to cases for everything that either needs to be quickly to hand or has no place in a case. It holds the usual travel canisters for petrol and oil bottles as well as compact storage canisters for water or other travel utensils. Who hasn't experienced the annoyance of liquids leaking out - especially when travelling. And the freed-up luggage volume can certainly be used for better things. The solid stainless steel rack is conveniently designed to hold two of our aluminium bottles (art. no. 43583-000) next to each other. In this way, oil and petrol, for example, can be conveniently carried separately. The bottles are secured by means of straps and the lashing holes integrated in the rack. Our practical webbing straps (art. no. 25120-012 - please order separately) are perfect for securing all kinds of objects to the rack.

The rack fits our EXTREME cases (not the slimline variant) and the original BMW aluminium cases. It can be mounted on the right and/or left case. The secure attachment is very simple: The rack is attached permanently and theft-protected to existing points at the top of the respective case lock. At the bottom, the rack is securely fixed to the case with Velcro. It also serves as a cushion. It is therefore not necessary to drill holes in the case, which could lead to leaks.



  • Case rack to extend the packing possibilities on our EXTREME cases or top cases as well as on the original BMW aluminium cases.
  • For everything that needs to be close at hand or has no place in the case
  • Ideal for our aluminium bottles and all common compact canisters
  • Can be mounted on the right and/or left case
  • Durable, theft-proof fastening - no drilling required
  • Practical, easily accessible lashing eyes
  • Simple attachment with the enclosed mounting kit

Technical data:

  • Material: Stainless steel, solid wall thickness, high-quality workmanship, precisely edged and milled

Special features

  • Wunderlich premium product.
  • Small series. Made by hand
  • Design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany
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