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Wunderlich »ATON« LED auxiliary headlight - black

Wunderlich »ATON« LED auxiliary headlight - black

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Fits Models:

Fits F750 GS | F850 GS | F850 GS Adv

Our »ATON« LED auxiliary headlights are extremely bright, durable and are a significant plus for active and passive safety:

The significantly increased field of vision at night optimises your active safety.

The light spectrum of the LEDs ensures realistic colour perception at night and thus ensures fatigue-free riding.

They visibly expand the front silhouette and appearance of your bike.

This combined with the colour of the light emitted give you decisively better visibility for other road users and thus significantly better passive safety.

Not just in the rain and fog, in twilight or shaded forest roads, but in all possible lighting situations.

This significantly reduces the risk of accidents linked to overlooking hazards.

The housing is made of anodised aluminium while the brackets are made from powder-coated steel.


  • 100% uniform illumination
  • Optimum light spectrum
  • Sharp demarcation below and above = no blinding other traffic
  • Excellent spotlighting during fog, rain, etc. (not diffuse light)
  • No glare from your own lights
  • Very good additional lighting for main headlight
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very high lifespan
  • Model-specific, specially designed steel bracket set for perfect integration with the vehicle
  • Complete with headlight kit (right & left), lightweight bracket set and electrical fitting kit

Technical information

  • E-approval as a fog headlight (does not need to be entered)
  • Very long service life (approx. 100,000 hours = approx. 4,000 days)
  • Extremely sturdy - waterproof in accordance with IP67
  • Optimum light spectrum
  • Integrated ballast
  • Housing made of aluminium, black anodised
  • Steel bracket, high-quality craftsmanship, black power-coated


  • Wunderlich. Integrated design.
  • Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Made in Germany
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