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Wheel Mounting Tool

Wheel Mounting Tool

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Fits Models:

Fits Models: K1200 GT - 2005 | K1200 LT | K1200 RS |R1200 C

Anyone who has ever tried to change therear wheelof aBMWwith a single sided swing arm will have found it unbelievably irritating that the wheel can only be adjusted on the hub (to find the first thread) with difficulty, and you have to bear the weight of the wheel the whole time. With the help of this mounting aid (centring pin) it is now very easy: simply screw the aluminium pin into one of the threaded holes in the final drive hub and slip the wheel on. Its childs play, and the wheel can be secured with the remaining wheel bolts. Then simply remove the tool using an Allen key (on-board tool kit) and attach the remaining bolt.

A practical, small aid that belongs in anyBMW toolbox or any on-board tool kit. Machined of solid aluminium and anodised blue.

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