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Paint + Tank Protection VentureShield Tank Set

Paint + Tank Protection VentureShield Tank Set

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Fits Models:

Fits S1000 XR up to 2019

An indestructible, flexible adhesive foil that was originally development for the airplane industry for the protection of propellers and rotor blades. Naturally, a first choice for the value preservation of your BMW is protection against sonic speed.

The facts:

  • Tank set (3-part) consisting of two side and one medial tank foil.
  • Invisible protective foil that protects against aggravating and value-hindering scratches and wear to the paint
  • Catches a large percentage of energy-impacting stones. Thus, it makes overall sense to supply a headlight guard contained in the complete set.
  • The foil itself is absolutely UV-resistant and
  • UV-permeable (!): As usual, the protected paint batches change colour during the course of the year due to solar radiation. This outstanding quality of the material prevents unpleasant colour changes to the unprotected painted parts whenever the foil is removed.
  • Nearly invisible
  • precise-contour cutting, which is perfectly integrated into the design
  • Extremely adhesive
  • Easy to remove
  • Quickly pays out (value preservation)
  • Vehicle can as usual also be cleaned and steam-blasted
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to apply
  • Protects all stressed parts.

The VentureShield motorcycle set can itself be mounted with ease. Included in the set are application fluid, a squeegee and assembly instructions, as well as everything you need for self-assembly. The films are available for nearly all scratch-sensitive areas of the S 1000 XR. Can be selected as a tank set or as a complete set.

With appropriate assembly we grant a 5-year warranty against discolouration, folding, and shrinking.

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