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intAct Battery Guard

intAct Battery Guard

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Fits all BMW models

With the intAct Battery Guard and with the help of an app which can be downloaded free of charge you can now check the charge status of your battery quickly and easily on your smartphone. The current, positive charge status of the battery guarantees full capacity and usability. It also prevents possible premature damage failure of the battery.

After simply connecting to the battery via eyelets and downloading the Android or Apple app, you can call up the current voltage value. The transmitter can be used for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V batteries. The range is approx. 6 metres. The four-colour display that resembles a tachometer displays the charge status in dark green (full charge), light green (partial charge), orange (discharged) and red (heavily discharged).

The voltage value is also displayed alphanumerically. If the voltage falls below the minimum voltage value, a notification appears to charge the battery soon. The voltage of up to 5 batteries can be checked using the app, of course the intAct Battery Guard must be installed on each battery.

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