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Engine protection plate Dakar - silver

Engine protection plate Dakar - silver

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Fits Models:

Fits F650 GS 2008 - | F700 GS | F800 GS | F800 GS Adv

When we saw the meagreoriginal engine protectionand the resulting major damage to the engine block, we knew we simply had to develop astronger plateproperly protecting engine, exhaust downpipes and collector.

Background: When theoriginal protector plateis subjected to a strong impact from below or is hooked on something from underneath, it can shear off its front bracket and the rigid rear brackets bend into the engine
cases. Our engine protection plates have pressed strengthening swages greatly increasing stiffness and
stability. We have developed a versionfor extreme tourswhich increases the ground clearance by another 25 mm (~1). Shock-reducing rubber-mounts connect the base plate via a special support frame and spring-loaded decoupling.

The facts:

  • Extremely sturdyand angled in the front, getting hooked not possible.
  • Extended toward the rear to protect the collector.
  • No restriction in ground clearance regarding to the original engine protection.
  • 3 mm (~5/32) thick strong aluminium plate.
  • 6 attachment points (original only 4).
  • No modifications required to the bike. Easy to fit.
  • Bolted to existing mounting points/threads.
  • Sold complete with complete fitting kit bolts.

Theengine protection plateshad to withstand extreme tests on the Rallies of Agadir, Katar, at the Erzberg and during many races and extreme tests. Apart from the addedstabilityandsafety, the appearance of the GS is also greatly enhanced.

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