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Wunderlich Cruise Control – black

Wunderlich Cruise Control – black

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Fits Models:

Fits F750 GS | F850 GS | F850 GS Adv | F900 GS | F900 GS Adv | F900 R | F900 XR | R1200 GS LC | R1200 GS LC Adv | R1200 R LC | R1250 GS | R1250 GS Adv | R1250 R | R1250 RS | S1000 XR

The inexpensive and practical alternative to electronic speed regulation. Relaxed long distance tours are now possible and dont involve pain in the wrist.

The user friendly adjustment mechanism (simply rotate the adjustment wheel forwards) makes a continuous and individual locking of the gas handle possible.

The adjuster can be set so that the twist grip either slowly rolls back or remains at a fixed position.

The speed can be precisely set for long riding stints. When not in use the CruiseControl is not noticed and the throttle returns to normal function.

The entire adjustment mechanism is housed in the right handlebar end weight. By turning the adjustment wheel the CruiseControl applies pressure onto the twist grip.

Extremely lightweight and very strong design. Made entirely of anodised billet aluminium.

Elegant and a not inconsiderable advantage as far as weight is concerned. Includes a matching left side handlebar end weight, also made of anodised aluminium.

Teflon-mounted adjustment mechanism.

Includes new attachment bolts. Easy to fit.

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