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Wunderlich inner pannier bag BAGPACKER II

Wunderlich inner pannier bag BAGPACKER II

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Fits Models:

Fits F650 GS 2008 - | F700 GS | F750 GS | F800 GS | F800 GS Adv | F850 GS | F850 GS Adv | G650 GS 2011- | R1200 GS | R1200 GS Adv | R1200 GS LC | R1200 GS LC Adv | R1250 GS | R1250 GS Adv

Improved material and manufacture make this bag a real highlight. Additional bag space to the assembly on the side cases with optimal protection, and weather resistant materials.

The flat panniers that come with the F650/800GS, R1200GS & Adventure as well as the Gobi panniers have made it possible for this idea to be turned into reality on a professional basis.

The facts:

  • Expandable to a volume of 10 -15 liters by means of perimeter zipper.
  • Water-resistant, teflon coated CODURA-fiber.
  • Extremely strong (tensile strength of over 100 kg/~ 200 lb.) serrated hook and loop fastener. The loop strip is self-adhesive and only needs to be attached once to the pannier.
  • Additional strap with Fastlock locking device runs round the panniers (the indentations on the underside keep it securely in place).
  • Possible to open and close the panniers even with the top bag in place.
  • Ergonomically shaped for pillion passengers thighs.
  • Can only be extended to the side so as not affect the passengers comfort.
  • Reinforced, sturdy outer walls for optimum protection of the contents and an exclusive look.
  • Blue water-resistant lining makes it easy to see inside the bag so that things cant disappear into the stitching.
  • water-resistant zippers.
  • water-resistant fabric. Tough, hard-wearing and not subject to bleaching.
  • Clingy, non-slip bag underside: protects the pannier from rubbing or causing damage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Special 3M-strip with Velcro for secure attachment to the case
  • Hard PVC plastic reinforced walls to keep the shape.
  • Reflective stripes.
  • Made in Germany & Europe

Please Note: Although the materials used in the construction of this product are water resistant, it is possible for water to penetrate the seams in prolonged exposure. It is always advisable to protect your valuables by placing them in a sealed enclosure.

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