Product Code: 21790-502

Wunderlich manoeuvring assistant – black


Suits all bikes with a centre stand.


With the Wunderlich maneuvering assistant its easy to maneuver your jacked up motorcycle, e.g. while overwintering, to save room by parking it in the smallest spaces. Four high-quality polyamide wheels that rotate 360° protect the floor covering and move very easily. Two of the wheels are equipped with effective locking brakes.

This maneuvering assistant has been specially tailored to the BMW centre stand and asymmetrically constructed so that the foot lever for the centre stand doesn’t collide with the maneuvering assistant and thereby prevent the bike from being jacked up. The column bed of the maneuvering assistant is positioned exceptionally low to save space while jacking the bike up, and is designed to be particularly robust so that even fully loaded BMWs can be maneuvered comfortably.

Recommended for everyone who wants to maneuver their parked vehicle with minimal effort.

The facts:


  •  Easy maneuvering of the jacked up motorcycle
  • Can be moved longitudinally and sideways, full 360° rotation of the motorcycle on the spot possible
  • Vehicle can be slid into any gap while saving space
  • Optimum base for overwintering (both wheels can be unloaded with just one additional support)
  • BMW-specific, asymmetrical construction so that the foot lever for the centre stand doesn’t collide with the maneuvering assistant when jacking the bike up
  •  Low column bed for space-saving jacking
  • Robust anti-slip mat for secure standing
  • Can be loaded up to 400 kg
  • The construction is generously dimensioned and black powder-coated
  • Four polyamide wheels (protect the floor covering and move very easily) that rotate 360°
  • Two parking brakes

Technical information

  • Material
    • Steel, precision edged, black powder-coated
  • Dimensions
    • Width 47 cm
    • Length 51 cm

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Tested by Wunderlich
  • Made in Europe
  • 5 year warranty


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