Product Code: 25854-002

Wunderlich EXTREME water cooler protection – black


Fits F750 GS | F850 GS

Thewater cooleris perfectly positioned for the on-rushing air stream, so that anything being carried by this stream finds its way into thecooler.Stones cause damage, while insectsand other types ofgrimeaccumulate in thedelicate fins. Cleaningis anextremelylaboriousprocess and requires lots ofelbow grease. The cooler protections positioned fins provide optimum air throughput and reliably prevent items from hitting the cooler directly.

Ourwater cooler protectionis also a visualhighlight: The black cooler surfaces disappear and the actual cooler opening is impressively accentuated.

Even though the F 850 GS already has discreet water cooler protection as standard, ours offers a great deal more in terms of both impact and appearance.

The facts about the Wunderlich water cooler protection:

  • Perfect cooler protectionand fantastic finish
  • Blocks all destructive elements from reaching the cooler
  • Intricately manufactured: Follows the coolers curve exactly
  • Sturdy protection made ofpowder-coatedaluminium
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Comes with mounting material and detailed installation instructions
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Tip:Insects and other grime which has accumulated can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Place the cloth on the grille for approximately 30 minutes so that the dirt can be penetrated with moisture and then removed easier.


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