Product Code: 43957-002

Windscreen high tinted


R1200 GS LC

R1200 GS LC Adv

An ideal symbiosis between a markedly sporty design and perfect protection against the wind and weather conditions in general.

The screen is easy to replace with the original, keeping the usual mooring options completely. Characteristics: Perfect discharge of the arms, trunk and head. Thanks to sophisticated modeling, vibrations hardly occur. Expanded at the bottom to get an additional discharge from the upper part of the arms. Adjust as in the original screen. Lexan polycarbonate very robust, transparent and resistant to gasoline. In the version with baffle, this can be adjusted very easily, but ensuring safety. It can be observed with the naked eye that access to hand protectors is very high Simple and fast expansion with the original fixing parts available. ABE homologation Made in Europe MARATHON Sprint (Height: 530 mm)


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