Product Code: 34810-402

REMUS Black Hawk Slip on (Euro 4) – black

Fits R1200 RT LC 2014 –

Remus mufflers – the perfect mix of sound, performance, and low weight with a uniquely deep roar and powerful, harmonious performance across the entire speed range.>

Reduction of exhaust gas back pressure by at least 35% and weight savings of up to 3 kg with a great look. Sturdy construction, interior entirely made of stainless steel. For sport bikes, removable pipe. Execution including connecting tube, ABE, and complete attachment kit.

The facts:

  • Muffler with connecting tube
  • Includes complete fitting CARBON<
  • With EG approval (ABE)
  • High-quality material (stainless steel/Titan/Carbon)
  • Handlebar and mirror arm bracket/li>
  • Sporty, sonorous noise
  • Weight optimisation


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