Product Code: 29880-100

Rear Luggage Rack Vario

Fits R1200 GS LC

The “Vario” is an easily adjusted enlargement plate for the original rear luggage rack. The width adjustment allows you to quickly adapt the plate for any luggage situation. When not in use the side plates are pushed in all the way to leave a narrow plate that does not interfere with getting on or off the bike.

The Facts:

Decent support and strapping of luggage is only possible with such an enlarger.
Many strong strapping points (slots) all around the enlarger.
Adjustment allows plate to be matched to luggage width.
Quick adjustment method, no tools required.
Easy to attach or remove from rear carrier (original only).
Consists of one base plate and two extendable side plates.
Made of light weight aluminum.
Silver coated.
Sold complete with all parts needed to attach to the original rear carrier.


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