Product Code: 30450-230

Mounting bracket for the “R-MARATHON” windshield for the BMW R 1250 R – black


Fits R1250 R

If you are looking for a decent ergonomic and protective windshield for your BMW R 1250 R, we recommend our “R-MARATHON” (30450-235 transparent | 30450-236 smoked grey), which was specially designed and developed for the R 1250 R! The bracket is required for installation of the “R-MARATHON” windshield, unless the bike is equipped with the original bracket.


  • Mounting bracket for the “R-MARATHON” windshield on the BMW R 1250 R
  • Stylish design in black which integrates discreetly into the cockpit design of the R 1250 R.
  • Rigid, sturdy bracket for secure attachment of the “R-MARATHON”
  • Includes mounting kit

Technical data

  • Material: High-quality plastic

Special features

  • Integrated design


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