Product Code: 28830-001

Fork tube cover set


Fits R1200 GS LC | R1200 GS LC Adv | R1200 R – 2014 | R1200 RT LC | R1250 GS | R1250 GS Adv | R1250 RT

Small highlights keep the friendship and the pleasure you have with your BMW alive. It is simply more fun to look athigh-qualityobjects.

This replacement for the conspicuous rubber caps give the top yoke a touch of class. The precise fabrication ensures outstanding sealing qualities.

A brief story from the development process: In order for the cap to be mounted at all, ventilation drill holes had to be incorporated to release the excessive pressure during insertion.

O-rings have been integrated for optimal sealing. Machined fromsingle-piece aluminium with high-quality coating.

Complete set.


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