Product Code: 26840-202

Engine protection Wunderlich Extreme – black


Fits F650 GS 2008 – | F700 GS | F800 GS | F800 GS Adv

Wunderlich engine protector Extreme

Due to severe engine casing damage (with original protector) we were forced to design a stable protector which reliably protects the engine, manifold and collector. Background: When touching down too hard or getting stuck, the original protector on the front bracket might shear and the rigid rear holder could kink into the engine block.

Beside our engine protector ?Dakar, which provides a reliable basic protection, we have developed the engine protector ?Extreme for most extreme rides. In both variants, special Silent-blocks between floor and engine plate provide a reliable decoupled shock absorbance.

The facts:

  • The front is extremely stable and angled = snagging impossible.
  • Extended to the rear to protect the collector.
  • No restriction of ground clearance in comparison to the original engine protection.
  • 4 mm thick aluminum.
  • Nearly indestructible thanks to reinforcement swages.
  • 6 attachment points (original has only 4).
  • No modifications of the bike required. Easy to fit.
  • Can be bolted to existing mounting points/threads.
  • Inclusive complete fitting kit.
  • 5-Year-Warranty.
  • Made in Germany.

This engine protector had to proof itself on the most difficult slopes of Agadir, Qatar, at Erzberg as well as in many other races and extreme tests.


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