Product Code: 43960-102

Wunderlich windshield smoked grey


Fits S1000 RR 2015 – 2016

The highend sport windshield with an optimal profile and uniformly distributed approaching flow at any speed.

The facts:

  • Pronounced spoiler and DoubleBubble outline with a large wind deflection (up to the headlights).
  • Optimal approaching flow without turbulences in a laying position. Uniform approaching flow in a sitting position.
  • Clear vision without streaks. Optical pure.
  • High-end windscreen made of 3mm thick Lexan, scratch-resistant and break-proof.
  • Rounded and polished edges (no edge protector needed).
  • Aspirating hole with an elaborated profile.
  • Petrol-resistant and UV-proof.
  • ABE approved.

For all RR-bikers who drive quite fast and dont like to do without a good wind protection. Also tall bikers can find a good protection behind this windshield. The helmet area is considerably released thanks to the pronounced spoiler and safe from annoying turbulences.


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