Product Code: 11880-002

Wunderlich tank railing – black


Fits R18 | R18 Classic

Black Style …
This tank railing in gleaming black sets a bold accent together with the glossy paint of the R 18 tank. Our tank railing emphasises this balanced appeal with stylish, functional form and the pipes with dimensions that are carefully coordinated to each other. The shape of the tank railing follows the curve of the tank at a short distance and skilfully integrates the tank cap and the saddle-side chrome tank panel.

… combined with high practical value
Before we lose ourselves entirely in the design quality of this rack, here are the no less relevant, tangible benefits of our railing! Naturally, you can use it to transport suitable bags or other luggage (up to 5 kg of weight). It’s made for this. A solid base is achieved by the three-point attachment on both sides of the steering head on the frame as well as the tank panel. The pipe structure made of precision steel piping with diameters of 16 and 12 mm provide the necessary component stiffness. They are constructively arranged so that lashing belts can be attached securely (slip-proof).

We recommend the polished black edition of the tank railing to all R 18 riders in combination with our black components and accessories – especially for conversions too!


We recommend our CLASSIC leather bag set for tank rails (parts no. 11850-000) to match the tank rail.

The facts


  • Exceptional tank railing with high practical value
  • High-quality, integrated design
  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Solid, 3-point attachment
  • Easy mounting
  • Suitable for bags and luggage up to 5 kg
  • Particularly ideal for conversions too

Technical Information

  • Material
    • Precision steel pipe, precision bent and carefully welded, surfaces carefully prepared before the polished black powder coating
    • Pipe diameter 16 and 12 mm
  • Dimensions
    • Length 600 mm
    • Width 171 mm
  • Loading up to 5 kg

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich product. Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty


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