Product Code: 25857-002

Wunderlich tail section with licence plate holder – black


Fits F750 GS | F850 GS | F850 GS Adv

A perfectly designed, well thought out, high-quality conversion from a single mould for everyone looking to make the tail of their vehicle slimmer and sportier and achieve a clear view of the rear wheel!

The long licence plate that protrudes from the back of the 750/850 GS model looks a little clumsy when used with the DIN reflector. Our tail section mainly comprises the tail fairing on the underside and the licence plate.

The fitted and discreet fairing on the underside neatly closes the area beneath the seat where the original tail is mounted.

It is composed of aluminium and is black anodised. As well as this precise closure, it also prevents the intrusion of water, spray and dirt.

It also functions as a base for our slim licence plate holder, which is also made of black anodised aluminium. This comes with discreet LED licence plate lighting and incorporates the slim but widely designed licence plate on the bottom end.

The length and angle of the licence plate holder can be adjusted any way you like. The positioning of the drill holes matches the original licence plate holder so you can simply keep using the number plate.

The original tail light stays where it is when you use our tail section.

The original indicators can be combined with our conversion.

Alternatively, we offer the M-Pin indicator set with matching indicator bracket – item no. 38983-002.

Simple assembly, big effect.


Perfect, well thought out, high-quality conversion

Precision manufactured aluminium components replace the original plastic tail

High-quality, integrated tail design Slim, sporty and with a clear view of the rear wheel Consists of precision manufactured tail fairing as well as length and width-adjustable licence plate holder Includes LED licence plate lighting and discreet, approved reflector (E certification mark)

The positioning of the drill holes is the same so you can simply use the number plate The original tail light stays where it is Can be combined with the original indicators or with the M-Pin indicator set item no. 38983-002

Easy mounting Includes all necessary attachment parts

Technical information

  • Material: Tail fairing and licence plate holder made of high-quality aluminium, fitted and precision edged, drilled and milled, black anodised


  • Wunderlich premium product. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Wunderlich. Functional and integrated design.
  • Made in Germany


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