Product Code: 44903-002

Wunderlich »SPORT« tail section – black


Fits F900 R | F900 XR

We have dedicated our tailored tail section to all whose who want to make the tail of their BMW look sleeker, purer and sportier while reducing the weight at the same time.

This conversion kit makes the visually dominant – many even go so far as to call it chunky – long wheel cover unnecessary and replaces the tail light with a reduced, harmoniously integrated version.

The fitted, shell-shaped tail fairing in our kit encloses the opening on the underside created when the original wheel cover and original tail light are removed.

It simultaneously functions as a base for accommodating our sporty licence plate holder, which is reduced to the bare essentials, the accompanying stabiliser made of milled aluminium and the small tail light.

The angle of the licence plate can of course be adjusted and the recesses for the original indicators are ready to use, so you can simply keep using these.

The licence plate holder itself is made of stainless steel.

The adapter cable for the uncomplicated, comfortable electrical connection of the indicators and the accompanying LED licence plate light supplied (with E test mark) are ready to use.

These can thus be hidden in the cable conduits designed for this purpose. Last but not least, the scope of delivery includes the prescribed (removable) reflector.

Now with this easy to use conversion kit, there’s nothing standing in the way of achieving a sporty yet puristic look.

The facts


  • High-quality, sophisticated conversion kit for a sporty, puristic tail
  • Replaces the visually dominant original tail
  • Original BMW pannier rack can still be used
  • Includes the fitted underside fairing to close the opening that results from removing the original wheel cover
  • The underside cladding functions as a base for securing the conversion components
  • The angle of the licence plate is adjustable
  • Number plate height-adjustable via slots
  • Includes the bracket for continued use of the original indicators
  • Includes a sporty tail light and reflector
  • Electrical connections and hidden cable conduits ready to use
  • With LED licence plate illumination with E test mark
  • Easy conversion
  • Includes assembly components

Techn. Info:

  • Material:
    • Underside fairing: ABS plastic, precision deep-drawn
    • Licence plate holder stabiliser: Aluminium, precision milled and black powder-coated
    • Licence plate holder: Stainless steel, black powder-coated


  • Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany


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