Wunderlich Oil Filter Protection R1200GS R1250GS 42140-001



Fits R1200 GS LC (2013 on) | R1200 GS LC Adv (2014 on) | R1200 R LC | R1200 RS LC | R1250 GS | R1250 GS Adv

The oil filter of the GS LC is located at a dangerous place, right below the left cylinder.

In the worst case, the unprotected filter can be severely damaged by a crash or the contact with whirled stones, roots or similar things. This would instantly terminate each tour.

This expensive experience can be avoided with our perfectly fitted oil cooler protector. 

It is mounted at stable fixing points and its strong aluminium does not only protect the oil filter, but also the cable connections which are located beside. 

Furthermore, this protector smoothes the areas around the oil filter which prevents from getting stuck.  


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