Product Code: 44590-000

GPS holder for tank bag “ELEPHANT” [Black]


Fits Tank Bag Elephant and Basic – not Tour bag

With few grips you can install on the tank bag a navigation system, a telephone (bracket) etc. and also remove it again quickly.

Recommended for casual users and aesthete who dont like to put a fixed bracket on their motorbike, but still like to have a navigation system in the field of vision.

The facts:

  • Strong, safe mounting for navigation systems, telephones etc. with bracket or a navigation bag (for example Wunderlich MediaBag EVO).
  • Can be mounted with few grips on the tank bag ELEPHANT.
  • Optimal form stability through sewed plastic plates in the base plate and instrument platform.
  • Continuous adjustable inclination and distance to the rider.
  • Water resistant, Fluorcarbon impregnated CORDURA fabric. Coated inner side. High strength, abrasion resistant and doesnt fade.
  • Low own weight.

Suitable for tank bag ELEPHANT and BASIC (not for TOUR).


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