Product Code: 11850-000

Wunderlich leather bag set »CLASSIC« for tank rails – black


Fits R18 | R18 Classic

Our elegant CLASSIC leather bag set includes two stylish bags, each made to measure from high-quality black cowhide, for attachment to our tank railing (#11880-000/002). The large main pocket, which functions as a tank bag, includes a generously sized, padded smartphone pocket equipped with a clear film for comfortable reading of the display. It is equipped with a zip and can optionally be attached piggyback on the tank bag.

The tank bag has a water-repellent inner lining to protect the contents, which can be closed with an adjustable drawstring. Depending on the volume of the contents, the height of the lid can be easily adjusted in two stages. The smartphone pocket is also water-repellent.
Both in the selection of the leather and in the design, we have attached great importance to the fact that the refined bag set fits perfectly into the design of the Big Boxer and underlines its high-quality impression.

The tank bag is attached at three points – two at the front, one at the rear – with high-quality embossed leather straps, which can be smartly and conveniently connected to the tank rail using tried-and-tested Loxx quick-release fasteners. This allows the bag to be securely attached or removed in no time at all. The smartphone pocket has loops that allow it to be easily attached to the leather strap running lengthwise across the main pocket when needed. The clincher: the fixings are so discreetly designed that they are almost hidden from the eye.

Note: The CLASSIC leather bag set can only be fitted in combination with our tank rail (#11880-000/002).

The facts


  • Tailor-made stylish bag set made of high-quality, black cowhide leather for attachment to our tank railings
  • The set consists of the tank bag (main pocket) as well as a generous smartphone pocket with clear view pocket
  • Depending on the volume, the lid of the tank bag can be easily adjusted in height in two stages
  • The elegant bag set blends in perfectly with the design of the Big Boxer and perfectly underlines its high-quality appearance.
  • Waterproof luggage bag
  • High-quality embossed leather straps, which can be smartly and conveniently connected to the tank rail using Loxx quick-release fasteners, are used to attach the tank bag
  • The smartphone pocket is conveniently attached to the tank bag with loops
  • The fixings are so discreet that they are almost hidden from the eye

Technical information

  • Material/Material
    High-quality cowhide leather, material thickness 2.5 mm, classic craftsmanship, solid stitching, black with three integrated Loxx quick release fasteners
  • Dimensions
    • Dimensions of main bag/tank bag
      • Length 37 cm
      • Width 18 cm
      • Height 13 cm
      • Volume: 6 litres
    • Dimensions of smartphone pocket
      • Length 20 cm
      • Width 11 cm
      • Height 3 cm

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich product. Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made by Wunderlich
  • Made in Europe
  • 5 year warranty


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