Product Code: 44320-320

Wunderlich HELMLOCK helmet anti-theft protection – silver


Fits R1250 RT

A secure yet easy-to-use handy helmet lock for the R 1250 RT. The steel cord attaches beneath the rider seat and is also secured with a spring-supported bar. The loops are pressed extremely sturdily and also reinforced with a steel thimble. This means it is impossible to open the loops without pulling up the seat.

The enclosed steel cord accommodates two helmets and simply stows away on the hanging device when not in use.

The facts:


  •  Form fit without slipping
  •  Simple and theft-proof protection for up to two helmets
  •  No additional lock necessary
  •  Access to lock secured by seat lock
  •  Aluminium hanging device is permanently affixed under the seat with two screws
  •  Security cable can be stowed away on the hanging device when not in use

Technical info

  •  Safety cable material: stainless Steel
  •  Hanging device material: stainless Steel
  •  Thickness: 4 mm
  •  Loops very sturdily pressed
  •  With steel-thimble reinforced loops to protect the cable
  •  Thick-walled silicone coating against abrasion and paint damage
  •  Complete with fitting kit


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