Product Code: 44320-710

Wunderlich helmet carry strap – Double D-ring lock – black


Who hasn’t been there? After a nice ride you’ll take a short walk through the city.

And of course, not only do you have to carry your heavy jacket around but your helmet too.

You have your hands full, so you can’t even enjoy slurping on a nice ice cream.

But that’s over now! Thanks to the Wunderlich helmet carry strap, your hands remain free and you no longer have to put your helmet on the ground.

This practical companion fits all helmets with a double D-ring fastener: The carry strap is simply connected to the double D-ring fastener.

The facts:


  • Attached to the double D-ring fastener
  • Hands stay free
  • You don’t have to take off the helmet

Technical information

  • Strap material: polyester
  • Padding material for the shoulder: Net lining
  • Colour: black


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