Product Code: 27910-002

Wunderlich foot protectors – black

Fits Models R1200 GS – 2012 | R1200 GS Adv. – 2013 | R1200 R – 2014

Massive amounts of water can enter the riders boots even by riding through a puddle. As our tests have shown, the foot protector effectively channels the water splashed backwards by the front wheel away from the feet.

To minimise the size without restricting the cornering clearance and off-road mobility, the protectors were designed with consistently optimised flow characteristics. Wind and even large amounts of water are diverted as quickly as possible.

The protector can bend and flex in all directions during falls, ground contact, etc., and springs back into its old position, thereby protecting the mounting points from damage. Made from sturdy solid-colour ABS plastic, the protector is easily mounted at the specified mounting points below the cylinders. Contact with hot engine parts is ruled out.

Thanks to the sophisticated design, the protectors blend perfectly with the overall style of the GS. The protectors were designed to be used with original BMW or the Wunderlich crash bars.

Delivered as set (left right), including mounting kit. User-friendly and quick installation.

Easy and quick installation.



2x screws 912z-6-45 are needed when mounting with the original valve cover protectors (R1200GS Adv.) and the left bracket must be adjusted slightly where necessary. Please enter this information with your order where required and we will send you the 2 screws free of charge.


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