Product Code: 31740-208

Wunderlich engine protection bar – blue


Fits Models R1200 GS LC |R1200 R LC |R1200 RS LC

Technically and visually this steel pipe roll bar is amasterpiece. Tailored to the body of the roadster, it safely and reliably saves the R from costly and expensive repairs in case of a snag, but is nevertheless visually discreet in the boxer line.

The facts:

  • More secure, lighter, and shapelier roll bar
  • Reliable protection for the cylinder and valve cover
  • Distribution of power on 8 points
  • Vibration-free reinforcement with silent blocks
  • Simple assembly on the original points
  • Complete ground and lean angle freedom
  • Can be combined with original Belly pan
  • Perfect fit
  • Minimal weight
  • Curved precision steel pipe
  • Shatter-proof


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