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Wunderlich »ELEPHANT CLASSIC« tank bag – black


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Please note, the bike specific mounting plate must be ordered separately.

Please note, the bike specific mounting plate must be ordered separately.

The ELEPHANT CLASSIC shines with its classic shape and contemporary sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes as well as its functionality. Made from CORDURA® TrueLock™ fabric and featuring high-quality genuine leather detailing, the tank bag is as stylish as it is sturdy, reliably protecting the contents and preventing any bulging or fluttering at high speeds. Our proprietary blue lining provides contrast and therefore clarity in the main compartment.

The zips for closing the main compartment have the usual water-repellent finish and are fitted with ergonomically shaped, easy-grip zips.

The cover of the ELEPHANT CLASSIC offers a further slide compartment on the inside and a holding system for additional bags (top bags) on the outside comparable to the military Molle system. The cover, which covers the zip of the main compartment, is equipped with a handy hook closure. The underside of the ELEPHANT CLASSIC is made of a particularly adhesive and proven material that hugs the tank and secures the tank bag against slipping.

The ELEPHANT CLASSIC is a convincing tank bag in a classic design, consistently developed with functionality and sustainability in mind.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the ecological footprint and at the same time fundamentally improve quality and functionality.

Note: The matching, model-specific system holder, on which your ELEPHANT CLASSIC tank bag is securely fastened and which protects the paintwork of your tank.


  • Classic shape, contemporary sustainable and functional
  • Main compartment with optimal size and space utilisation (9 litre volume)
  • Additional compartment in the cover
  • Dimensionally stable design, protects the contents and prevents bulging or fluttering at high speeds
  • Blue inner lining, which forms a contrasting background in the proven manner, against which even small travel utensils are easily recognisable
  • The zips of the main compartment are water-repellent and fitted with ergonomically shaped, easy-to-grip blue zips that are easy to operate even with gloves on.
  • Comparable to the military MOLLE system, innovative and versatile mounting system for top bags and accessory bags on the top.
  • Made from modern CORDURA® TrueLock™ fabric and finished with high-quality genuine leather detailing
  • The underside of the tank bag is made of a proven strong adhesive material that hugs the tank and prevents slipping
  • Wunderlich BLAU
    • Improved, innovative fabric with sustainable features and produced in a sustainable process.
    • We do away with the plastic outer packaging and deliver the ELEPHANT to you in our matching, waterproof and versatile Wunderlich luggage bag instead.

Technical Information

  • Material/fabric: CORDURA® TrueLock™?, UV-stable and water-deflecting, impregnated with fluorocarbon, high-strength, non-abrasive, genuine leather detailing
  • Dimensions (L / W / H) in cm:
    • Length 30.5 cm
    • Width 22 cm
    • Height 13.5 cm
  • Volume in litres (approx.):
    • Volume 9 l
  • Colour
    • Black

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Wunderlich BLAU. Sustainable product.
  • Made by Wunderlich
  • Made in Europe
  • 5 year warranty


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