Product Code: 26443-000

Wunderlich composite strut for engine guard – stainless steel

Fits R1200 GS LC | R1200 R LC | R1200 RS LC |  R1250 GS

**Does not fit with 42772-002 and 26442-300**

The composite strut serves as a connection for the engine guards on the right and left.It runs in front of the alternator cover and is bolted directly to the brackets at the holes provided.The strut has an M8 threaded insert.The necessary screws and washers are included in the package.

Thanks to the composite strut, the forces acting in the event of a fall are additionally transmitted from one guard side to both.Compressive and tensile forces are thereby divided on both sides.The forces that act on the engine via the bracket assembly are optimally distributed and greater damage can be avoided.

Matching to your stainless steel engine guard, the composite strut is made of the same material.The stainless steel surface is glass bead blasted and electropolished.

The facts:


  • Improved protective effect due to higher stiffness of the composite structure
  • Even, optimal distribution of forces across the composite strut on the guard on both sides
  • Minimal weight

Technical specifications

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Diameter: 15 mm
  • Length: 250 mm


  • Detailed and easy to understand instructions
  • Made in Germany


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