Product Code: 25750-005

VarioLever brake lever – black/silver


Fits Models HP2-Enduro | HP2-Megamoto | K1200 R | K1200 R Sport | K1200 S | K1300 GT | K1300 R | K1300 S | K1600 GT – 2016 | K1600 GTL – 2016 | R1200 GS – 2012 | R1200 GS Adv. – 2013 | R1200 R – 2014 | R1200 RT 2010 – 2013 | R1200 S | R1200 ST

A revolution in ergonomics, usability, safety and exclusivity: We have developed brake and clutch levers withadjustable leverlength and reach that can be optimally adjusted to match your individual needs.Simply loosenthe fixing screw and the lever length can be changed to suit your personal requirements.

For the BMW models with the very effective brake it would be ideal to have better feel with less applied force, i.e. reduced lever length. TheVarioLevermakes it possible to brake using only two or three fingers without pinching the other fingers. An enormous relief for road applications.

This also applies to the clutch lever. Of course, when the lever iscompletely extended(roughly corresponding to
the length of the series lever) it is possible to brake with all four fingers again. Another innovation is the easy adjustability of the lever reach, which can easily be applied whilst riding important to compensate for brake fade (e.g. at high load, fast mountain bends). In addition, the reach can be changed to bring the lever closer to the handlebar, making it easier to reach.

This is made possible by a large pivot mechanism that can easily be operated even when wearing thick gloves. Theextraordinarily intricate constructionis also extremely robust: Even when the lever is fully extended, forces of more than 60 kg/132 lb can be transmitted without difficulty at the outer tip. The modular construction opens up a whole range of colour combination options.

Weve selected what we consider the most attractive colour combinations. Made ofstrong aluminium(AL 7075 T6), the preferred type for aerospace applications. Anodised surface finish.


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