Product Code: 31550-000

Vario footrest system Rider (pair)


Fits R1200 RT – 2013 | R1200 RT LC 2014 – | K1600 GT – 2016

Adjustablecomfort footrest systemsthat can be combined withvarious footrestsand a variety ofvariable plates. With radius options of 23, 30 or 50 mm, in line with the range ofvariable plates, thefootrestcan be attached near the mounting point.

Especially positive here is the new, round footrest that offers 100% contact to thefoot support surfacein all
positions (the original only offers good contact in a small number of positions).

Please note: Due to the nature of this conversion type the footrests are moved further out than standard.
Depending on the chosen configuration/footrest position this may cause vastly reduced cornering clearances.

Please ride accordingly!

For fitting to the bike you will require a footrest adapter, a Varioplate and a footrest of your choice!!


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