Product Code: 40980-000

Tank bag Elephant Basic

Fits All Models – NOTE – Model specific base plate required

Please order also the special tank bag holder for your motorcycle.(see below)!

The Tank Bag Light is equivalent to the concept of our Tank Bag Elephant. Like this tank bag, it is a custom made luggage solution with a multifunctional mounting concept, which has not seen before. The tank bag is fixed with a quick connection to a previously installed base on the motorcycle. Just attach the holding tab of tank bag to the receiving holder of the base. An ingenious quick installation, which facilitates the mounting, even when wearing gloves.

The Tank Bag Light differs in size from the Tank Bag Elephant; it has a maximum capacity of 15 litres and can not be expanded.

The facts:

  • 15 litres capacity
  • fast removal with one hand for fueling
  • strong grip and paint protection through usage of base plate
  • base plate can be quickly removed or stay on the motorcycle
  • quick mounting with Off Road securing
  • ergonomic zippers
  • additional compartement for replacement visor ( protected position behind shock-resistant plastic board )
  • functional side bags with useful inner compartements
  • dust and waterproof cable inlet, for e.g. mobile phone charger
  • zig zag rubber for fast removal, e.g. gloves
  • blue inner lining for a better overview, everything can be found easily
  • reinforced plastic inlay keeps the shape of the bag, even when it’s empty
  • waterproof, dirt resistant and Teflon coated CORDURA: very strong, abrasion resistant and will not fade
  • can also be used as backpack
  • ergonomic carrying handle
  • light weight
  • base plate and tank bag are offered separately, so you only need a new base when you change the motorcycle*
  • Made in Germany and Europe
  • Accessories (optional)
  • organizer compartement ( fast access to all important things ), removable and useful extra compartements for e.g. sunglasses, mobile phones etc.
  • rain cover (recommended for transport of sensitive equipment)
  • big, reversible and removable map pocket made of robust plastic glass. Ergonomic zipper for easy opening even with gloves. Waterproof 180 zipper for easy insert and remove of maps.

*Please order the vehicle specific mounting kit separately.

Please order also the special tank bag holder for your motorcycle.
Fahrzeugmodelle|Motorcycles Halter|Holder
G 310 R 20614-000
F 650 GS (2008 – ), F 700/800 GS & Adventure 20620-000
F 800 GT, F 800 R, F 800 S, F 800 ST 20630-000
R 850/1100/1150 GS & Adventure, R 850/1100/1150 RT 20640-000
R 1200 RT ( – 2013) 40700-000
R 1200 RT LC (2014 – ) 40700-100
R 850 R (09/02 – ), R 1150 R & Rockster 43270-000
R 1200 R 20650-000
R 1200 R LC, R 1200 RS LC 20651-110
R 1200 GS (-2007), R 1200 GS Adventure ( – 2013) 20660-000
R 1200 GS (2008 – 2012) 20660-100
R 1200 GS LC (2013 – 2016), R 1200 GS LC Adv. (2014 – ) 20660-200
S 1000 R, S 1000 RR 20667-010
S 1000 XR 20669-010
K 1200 S/R & Sport, K 1300 S/R 20670-000
K 1200 GT (2006 – ), K 1300 GT 43270-000
K 1600 GT 41170-000


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