Product Code: 44900-002

Tail section S1000 XR incl. FineLiner tail light – incl. taillight – black


Fits S1000 XR up to 2019

This tail section places the uninviting licence plate holder of the XR including the indicator and tail light unit significantly closer to the tail. The lateral lines of the 1000 are left looking more coherent and more powerful. The “FineLiner” tail light in the delivery package looks less bulky and gives the tail a classy, sporty accent. The scope of the delivery includes a licence plate holder and licence plate light. An opening for taking the original seat lock is included in the tail section.

The assembly is achievable with medium effort thanks to the assembly instructions supplied and doesn’t require any deeper mechanic knowledge.

The facts:

  • Lighter, snug fitting and bare essentials reduced sports number plate holder.
  • Adjustable angle.
  • Can be combined with the “FineLiner” mini tail light (for original indicators or “M-Pin” mini indicators).
  • Number plate drilling template same as original (no need to drill new holes).
  • Laser-cut, coated aluminium.

Scope of delivery:

  • Number plate holder set.
  • Holder on the vehicle.
  • Internal/tail fairing cladding (cover for the original recesses and around the seat lock).
  • Concealed number plate light.
  • Cat’s eye holder (also adjustable in height).
  • Cat’s eye.


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