Product Code: 28290-302

Swingarm Pivot Cover classic design – left – black


Fits R nineT | Pure | Racer | Scrambler | Urban GS

The large cavities of theswing arm pivotare permanently and securely protected. This is hardly possible with the black original plastic covers, since they just about jump off after the first hard contact with the boot. The result: The holes get covered in dirt and the pivot
corrodes. Our anodisedaluminium coversnot only cover the pivot in an elegant manner, they also provide a very secure closure. Tip: Many aftermarket covers are simply inserted and held in place the help of an O-ring, which almost guarantees it will fly off eventually. We rely on a
special set screw that pushes an O ring against the inner wall of the hole; although this is technically elaborate, it is the only sensible way of fitting the cover. CNC-turned, milled and anodised or polished Dural aluminium in two different designs.

Easy to install: Position the cover, tighten the set screw and the cover is already seated securely


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