Product Code: 27380-300

Side stand enlarger with machined teeth


Fits Models: R1200 GS 2010 – 2012 | R1200 GS Adv. 2010 – 2013

Additional insurance for the GS: fully loaded or on loose ground, a GS supported on theside standcan easily get bogged down. A precisely machinedextension platethat can quickly be bolted to the side standeliminates this risk.

The facts:

  • Safe support for the machine on all surfaces.
  • Compensates for the leaning angle of the motorcycle.
  • Surface area increased by more than 100%.
  • 8 mm (0.31)- thick Dural aluminium.
  • Rustproof anodised black.
  • Rust protection for the original stand plate.
  • Cut-out for original foot lined with vibration-absorbing foam rubber.
  • CNC machined.
  • Easy to fit.


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