Product Code: 43950-102

Side cover R 1200 GS LC Adv. Set – black


R1200 GS Adv

Side cover set R 1200 GS LC Adv.

The side of the GS definitely deserves side covers. The unsightly hole in the frame is not really optically attractive and it does not protect against dirt and splashing water, which is whirled from the rear wheel and lands on the drivers and passengers trousers. Thanks to our side covers, these deficits are eliminated within seconds.

The facts:

  • Homogeneous, slim and precisely fitted shape
  • Safe attachment options
  • Easy mounting
  • Whirled dirt is significantly diminishedv
  • High quality and ultra light-weight ABS hard plastic
  • Scratch proof and very stable
  • Black colour
  • Delivery inclusive complete fitting kit


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