Product Code: 29740-302

Remus 8 R 1200 GS LC stainless steel (Euro4) – black


Fist R1200 GS LC 2017 – | R1200 GS LC Adv

REMUS 8 – Increased torque and performance in a brand new design– the new benchmark for touring motorcycles

With the brand newREMUS 8, specially designed for tourers with a large volume, the development department at REMUS delivers avisual and technical delight. Designed with dual flow, the innovative sports silencer offers sufficient expansion volume in order to unleash aplus in performance and torquepaired with thewell-known deep REMUS soundwhile complying with all legal noise limits. However, they’ve managed design the silencer to be slim, meaning standard case systems can be mounted on touring motorcycles with no problems.

The facts:

  • Cover length 350 mm
  • Available in matte stainless steel or black stainless steel
  • Inlet cap and internal design made of stainless steel
  • Outlet cap made of high-quality carbon
  • Hangs up via screwed-in holders so the appearance of the octagonal-conical cover isn’t interrupted by a clamp
  • Increased performance and torque compared to the series
  • Well-known deep REMUS sound
  • Case systems can be mounted without hassle
  • With EG-approval


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