Product Code: 39820-002

Rear wheel cover – CARBON


HP2 – sport

This is abest-seller, and its no wonder: It provides complete, unparalleled protection for the shock – which normally takes some pretty rough treatment –battery,exhaust, includingheader pipe, and therear sub-frame.
Damp and dirt can no longer penetrate freely deep into the works. This is a must havefor anyone who loves his
R 1200 S HP2 Sportand wants to protect its systems as best he can.

There is a smooth, sinuous transition from the intricate mounting to thehigh-quality carbon-fibre
protector itself, giving rise to a homogeneous and sporty unit which tips the scales at a mere 320 grams.

Extremely light and strongcarbon fibre/Kevlar hybrid materialwith a glossy rigid plastic protective coating
that penetrates into the material and guarantees optimum protection.

Quick, easy and safe to fit.


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