Product Code: 34351-000

Rear hugger


R1200 GS LC

R1200 GS LC Adv

Solid and reliable protection for shock absorber, battery, exhaust system, manifold, exhaust flap mechanism and the rear sub frame.

Wetness and dirt can no longer be splashed unhindered up to the feet and lower legs of the passenger and neither penetrate the internal components. This hugger will also effectively protect the legs of the passenger from water and airborne debris.

The Facts:

  • High-strength yet sophisticated mount with indestructible ABS protector.
  • The plastic portion of the hugger is matte black.
  • With ABE homologation. Easy to fit. Fits with or without ESA suspension.Including fitting set.Note:the part will be delivered inmatblack, not painted like shown on picture.


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