Product Code: 20191-000

Portable 12 V emergency starter & USB Power Bank Drive 13000 – red

Fits all models

Tested by Wunderlich:After countless test runs with similar products, the “Drive 13000” has proven itself to be the most reliable and powerful, and was able to effortlessly start both an R 1200 GS LC and an R nineT with deeply drained starter batteries.

Ultra-compact portably 12 V emergency starter in a multifunctional design for motorcycles, cars, mobile homes or boat engines. Equipped with two USB ports (1A-2.1A) for charging (power bank) electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, notebooks, cameras, etc.), with two 12/19 V ports for powering laptops and other devices as well as two bright LED emergency lights.

It works with high efficiency lithium polymer cells, LiPo, that guarantee full, speedy charging that you can monitor via a row of LEDs.

Protected against pole reversal.

The scope of the delivery includes: Starter cable, various connectors for mobile devices, cigarette lighter and power supply.


The drive is a 12 V starter (1500A START MAX) with a high starting current for motorcycles, cars, boats, vans, mobile homes with GEL, PbCa WET, AGM SPIRAL MF batteries.
The LiPo battery technology guarantees full and speedy charging that you can monitor via LED indicators.

Power bank
The power bank function allows the charging of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras (via two USB ports) and power laptops, lamps, camping fridges and other devices via two 12 V and 19 V connections).


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